About Kim…


At this age…

DSC_0112      DSC_0155


Kim already loved books.


And around this age…

DSC_0119 - Version 2 IMG_6371











She began writing them…

just for fun.

(art courtesy of amazingly talented daughter/artist)


And now…


Kim takes her writing quite seriously, but enjoys every minute of it. Writing kid stories, poetry, and just writing is general has been a lifelong love for Kim. She writes across many genres, and is currently focused on Picture Books, Chapter Books, and YA. Kim is working diligently towards being published, and continues to find joy into bringing stories to life. She is a native Texan, and resides deep in the heart of Texas.


Questions for Kim:

What inspired you to write for children?

Just seeing children’s books makes me feel like a kid all over again. As a mom, I loved reading books to my daughter growing up. I also worked as a assistant teacher and a substitute teacher for many years. This made me see first hand how much books can engage a group of children. Kids inspire me because they look at the world in their own way. So many things are fresh and exciting to them, and learning is taking place all the time. I feel it is an honor to write for them.

What are some your other talents?

Well… I’m also an artist. I paint mainly for fun, in mixed media. I am not currently an illustrator. I like to focus on my writing, and spend the majority of my time on that. Though, as an artist, I’m able to fully appreciate the hard work that must go into illustrating books. I play piano. Also, I have designed jewelry. And I must mention… I love to bake. Anything sweet.

What inspiration do you have for inspiring writers of all ages?

The writing world is an exciting one, and there is a whole lot to learn. I would say to READ other great books. Reading, dreaming, thinking, and just observing the world around you brings inspiration. Sometimes the best stories can be inspired by the simplest ideas or moments. Most of all, I would say… if you love to write, then WRITE! And write often. Write for yourself, write to share, and write just because. It’s a beautiful thing, and if you want to be a writer, or a published author, I say GO FOR IT! There’s always room for more beautiful books out there.

What are some of your favorites?

Color: Green

Animal: Panda Bear

Season: Summer

Food: BBQ (I’m Texan!)

Sweet: Chocolate Cake

Accessory: Fuzzy Socks

Tea: Peppermint

Book: Bible

Hobby: Reading, Baking, or Painting

Vacation: The Beach

Sport: Ice Skating/Hockey


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